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What you should to know to buy your next home!

Find a local Real Estate Agent familure with the area.

This is very important, since a local agent will know the neighborhood, schools, and area. They will be able to answer questions from experience. An out of area agent will not be able to offer you this insight, even if they are your sister or brother, or old friend. For most people, buying real estate will be their largest and most important purchase of their lives. Unless you are a seasoned investor, it may be nerve racking. Having the right real estate agent is key to success. The right real estate agent should be familiar with the area and be willing to do what is necessary to make your purchase as easy as it can be. You need to make sure you know if the property has Mello-Roos and, if so, how much it is.

As a buyer, a real estate agent should not charge you a fee. In most cases, a buyer's agent fee is paid by the seller. It is part of the agreement between the seller and the seller's agent at the time the home is listed. The seller pays this fee, even if the Seller's Agent brings the buyer. So, it is important that you find a buyer's agent to represent you, not the seller.

Visit with a loan officer to get approved.

Your next step is to visit a loan agent to become pre-approved. They should be able to give you the loan amount of your approval, but it is more important to find the amount that will work with your budget. The two values normally do not match. Your approval amount could be above what your budget and lifestyle will accept. It is an easy and important step. The loan agent can be from a large or small bank, a credit union, or a loan broker. I prefer a loan broker, since they are able to represent many loan products. To compare loan agents, check out the fees charge. Get a Truth In Lending statement. They are required to give you one outlining the fees involved in obtaining a loan from their company. Ask your real estate agent, they should know a few that have performed well for other clients.

Search for homes

Go ahead and search for homes using the tool at the top of this page. Research by reviewing property detail and pictures. Once you settle on the area you wish to investigate, give me a call. I will be able to arrange with the seller for you to view the interior. I could use your search perimeters to search for more homes that might meet your needs.

Now go ahead, search and enjoy this website.

Now, what you should know to sell your home?

What to do before you list.

Select the right real estate agent

Selecting the right real estate agent is most important, and it starts with a local real estate agent. If you call me to list your Livermore home, I would have to turn you down. I do not know the market in Livermore, and I would not be able to provide you with the service you need. This goes for the same for a Livermore agent trying to sell your home in Manteca. They are out of the area, and will not be able to address local issues or customs that would best serve you.

Another indicator of a good agent is if you are able to reach them. Call their cell phone, do they answer. Can you call them after hours? Many agent reserve certain hours to return calls. That is unacceptable. When you need to contact your agent, you should be able to call them, and they answer. Some agent do not even give out their mobile number. Check this out, as it is important. How would a buyer be able to contact your agent for more information about your home? If you are unable to contact them, your buyer or buyer's agent will not either.

Have your prospective agent give you a market analysis referred to as a CMA. Have them explain why your sales price is supported by the data. They should know the neighborhood and market areas. Do not be fooled by color photos, bound booklets, and pages of charts. It only takes one page to explain and support the right price.


Most often, commission is paid by the seller. Seller's agent and buyer's agent split the commission. The division is determined by the seller's agent, but should be disclosed to the seller at time of listing. Commissions are negotiable, but a 6% commission generates more interest from a buyer's agent, than 4% or 5%. Real Estate agents are in business to earn a paycheck and support their families. They will tend to support and show listings offering them the most commission. They tend to not work for free. Here is an artical from the LA Times.

Online Photos

Buyers, today, shop for homes from their phone or computers. They search at resturants, riding in cars, sitting at the dinner table, or while watching a moving in the living room. The point is, they are not out looking for signs or going to open houses to initially find the right house. It is so important to have photos. Good photos. If the Multiple Listing Service allows your agent to upload 26 photos, then there should be 26 photos. Not 20 or 23, but 26. People want to see the home and see if they will be interested. This, combined with a descriptive caption, will attract buyers to come through your front door. If you have a small home, then take many angles of the same room. Pick out interesting angles. Show the front yard, back yard, side yard, garage, and each room. Just make sure you upload the maximum number of photos.

Open Houses

Many sellers feel open houses sell homes. Mostly, they do not. Relying on open houses, is like fishing for Steel Head fish out of season. You will need to snag one, because they are not going to bit. It is good to have open houses for the first two weekends. It shows your neighbors the home is on the market, and they might know a friend that may be interested in moving into the area. Beyond that, it is a hit and miss. You have a better chance with a well connected local agent with MLS services that cover a large area, that answers their phone, offering a good commission to attract buyer agents, a post sign in the yard, and having the maximum photos uploaded.


Buying a home in Manteca is a great choice. Located in the Central Valley of California, Manteca provides a great place to live and play. Manteca is just about 1 1/2 hours from ocean beaches and the same from Yosemite National Park floor. As young a man, I once went snow skiing in the morning and then drove to enjoyed the sunset in Santa Cruz.

Manteca, like other communities, is made up of developments that bring style, parks, schools, and access to shopping and freeways. One important item a development will bring, is Mello-Roos. Which development is right for you, depends on what you want in a development. Some developments bring only single story homes or a mix between single and multi-story homes. Some surround a park or school, where others do not. The city started something a few years ago, where a central park is used for rain water drainage and recreation on dry days. Some combine school grounds with parks, making a large green belt of open space.

Manteca has a lot to offer its residents. Bass Pro Shop, Cost Co, Kohls, JC Penneys are just a few of the large shopping outlets available. For dining out, El Jardin, Red Robin, Apple Bees, just to name a few, are places to enjoy. Manteca offers a quality destination golf course with a conference center / wedding venue. Plenty to do

Looking for homes, houses, or properties for sale in Manteca is not hard. First locate a qualified buyer's agent and use the search tool above.


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